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The Little Catholic Box

TLCB Second Quarter (ships May 2021)

TLCB Second Quarter (ships May 2021)

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Since having my most recent baby, I have been thinking a great deal about physical health, and how it relates to my mental and spiritual health. We sometimes neglect 1 or 2 of these, but this is not what God intends.

Body, Mind and Soul are all gifts from God, and we are called to take care of all 3. This quarter’s items are intended to remind us of the importance of our whole person.

SoulCore - Joyful Mysteries DVD

SoulCore integrates the prayers of the rosary with exercise and physical movement, and so is a perfect addition to this box! The SoulCore Joyful Mysteries offers reflections on the virtues of humility, love of others, detachment, obedience, and joy.

Annunciation Designs - St. Augustine Canvas Tote

We have worked with Elayne in the past and were happy to do so again with this item. Bearing the quote from St. Augustine that served as the inspiration for this box, I hope that this canvas tote can be a functional and useful addition to your home.

Simple Saints - Marian Vinyl Sticker

As I do my best to care for myself, I am always keenly aware that I am also responsible for caring for many others. My role as mother defines much of my day, and sometimes feels in opposition to my desire for physical, mental and spiritual health. Whenever I feel this conflict arise, though, I reflect on the perfect mother and woman, Mary. This vinyl sticker can be placed almost anywhere, so I hope you find a place for it that helps you to remember the same when you most need to.

Chloe Langr - Letters to Women Book

This book was born out of Chloe’s podcast, Letters To Women. In it, Chloe has conversations with other Catholic women from all walks of life. By sharing their stories, together they explore what it means to live out the feminine genius in our daily lives as Catholic women.

Alaina Johnson - 3 Hearts of the Holy Family Water Bottle

As we have been reminded of in the last year, our relationships with others can have a strong impact on our own wellbeing. We reflect on the perfect familial relationship of the Holy Family and strive to model this selfless love in our own home. Our daughter Alaina provided us with this design.

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