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The Little Catholic Box

Sorrowful Mother Box

Sorrowful Mother Box

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There is something that many of us have endured, but no one talks about.
My friends and I have discussed the fact that often times, friends and family of the woman who has suffered a miscarriage have no idea how to offer their support and consolation.
And yet support and consolation are needed.
There's nothing in the greeting card section to suffice.
So many people who have not experienced miscarriage do not know what to give somebody who is experiencing this great loss. That is why we curated this box with women who have suffered the loss of a baby.
Several of us in this community know what it's like to be on either side of this situation, and decided to create something that we wish existed in the past.
On the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows, we are introducing the Sorrowful Mother box.
Each maker contributing an item has suffered this tragedy in their own lives.

And each has written a letter to the recipient of the box.
We offer this as a gift given in solidarity and sorrow.
This is so very different than anything else we have done, that we do not know how to share it with you without tears.
I pray that none of you are ever put in the position of ordering this box.
But for those of you that are, you have my love and prayers, and the love and prayers of the women who helped me create this.
Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray for Us.
--Photos by Simple Heart Photography



Sorrowful Mother booklet

Sorrowful Mother Chaplet by Small Things Great Love

Jesus and Child Print by Jill Elizabeth Art

St. Zelie Ornament by Rough 2 Rustic

Face Serum by Pampered Life

Praying with Our Lady of Sorrows book by Eileen Tully

Our Lady of Perpetual Help holy card by Liz Outzs (Founder of The Little Catholic Box)

Vanilla Rose lip balm by Erica (Current Owner of The Little Catholic Box)

Letters from each contributor


(Wooden print stand, pen, vase and plant not included)

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