Puzzle Project Update

Puzzle Project Update

The pieces are coming together! 


You may or may not know that we've been working on a new project since January.

We are creating a series of jigsaw puzzles featuring new, original Catholic art from some of the amazing artists we have met through The Little Catholic Box.


Why are we doing this?

- As parents, we feel sick about how much time our kids sometimes spend plugged into screens. We want to create a fun family-time alternative to screens.

- We have encountered so many talented Catholic artists who don't have a good way to distribute and share their God-given gifts.  This project is a way for us to support them, share their work with a larger audience, and allow them to financially benefit from doing so.

- Our culture needs more beauty. This project will encourage the creation and sharing of more beautiful works of art that celebrate and reflect our Catholic faith.

Bringing this Catholic Puzzle Project to life has taken MUCH longer than we would have liked, but we are making real progress and wanted to share some updates with you!


1. We have 3 original pieces of art licensed from some extremely talented artists.  Would you like to sneak a peek? Keep scrolling, there's a link below!

2. We are working with a Catholic video production company to create an amazing video about this project. We will use the video to explain and share the project with a much larger number of people.

3. We are building a large list of interested project backers who can help us bring these puzzles to life!

Our Plan-

Once the video is complete, probably in October-ish, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The way this works is that we will set a funding goal, and will have 30 days to reach the goal.

People will be able to financially support the project at different levels by pre-ordering one (or several) puzzles.

If we succeed in reaching the goal, then the backers will be charged at the end of the campaign, production will begin, and we will be able to deliver the first run of puzzles to backers in early 2022.

(There's actually a slim chance they'd be ready by the end of 2021, but with the way things have gone recently, that's a difficult promise to make! :)

If we DON'T reach our funding goal, then NOBODY is charged for their pre-order, and the project would be cancelled. :(

Additional Details-

We have 3 unique designs ready to go, and 3 more lined up for later release.

We are going to offer 1 design on a smaller piece-count puzzle appropriate for younger kids,

Another design a 500-piece count, which is great for casual and beginner jigsaw puzzlers,

And the final design on a higher piece count (1000? 2000?) for our puzzle experts!


We have received production samples from several different manufacturers, and have selected one that makes REALLY GOOD puzzles!

(The pieces all FIT, and have that satisfying "snap", the image is nice and clear, no peeling or curling, and NO DUST!)

Final retail on these puzzles will probably be in the $25 range, but early backers will be able to pre-order them for under $20 each! 

We will need to check final numbers before we go live, but we want to push the pre-order price as low as possible for you!

What you can do right now-

Do you have any questions or feedback based on what we just shared? Please reach out and let us know!

Do you want to preview the first set of 3 puzzles? Click the link below and tell us what you think!


Preview the Puzzles!


Do you want to receive updates specifically about this project, and unlock exclusive Early Bird discounts when the campaign goes live?

Please sign up for puzzle project email updates!

Thank you all so much for your patience and support!

God bless,

Erica and Greg

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