Small Things Great Love

Small Things Great Love

Written by Clare McCallan

Allison, the owner of Small Things Great Love, lives in Indiana now, but she’s a native New Yorker, so you can only imagine how fast and fun our interview went. Within five minutes she had given me what felt like her entire story, from working at Maggie’s Place to serving as Residence Director for Franciscan University’s Austria program to meeting her husband and finding out she’s pregnant just six weeks after they got married and - 

and I was just so glad to have finally found someone who talks as quickly as I do.

And what a gift her quickness is, because as a wife, mother of two, and business owner, she has to move and talk quickly if she wants to get it all done. To that point I had to ask: how exactly has she gone about getting it all done? How did she build her business and huge online following? And how did she end up in this quarter’s Little Catholic Box?

Well, it turns out that Allison is best friends with the founder of The Little Catholic Box. But that doesn’t mean it was easy to start getting her products in the boxes. In fact, when TLCB was just starting, Allison had heard that they were open to putting just about anything in their boxes...except rosaries, because every Catholic family already had them. But Allison had created something truly special with her handmade rosaries and after the owners of TLCB saw them they ordered almost two-hundred on the spot. 

And what is it that makes Small Things Great Love’s rosaries so special? 

Well, maybe it’s that they’re handmade or maybe it’s the intention with which their parts are chosen and woven. For her signature rosaries, Allison knots three strands of twine in homage to the trinity, strings wooden beads in reverence of the wood of the cross, and includes a sorrowful mother crucifix, which she says has always moved her to the core.

And so, it’s not hard to see why her beautiful creations are so popular. But for this quarter’s box she’s made you something new and one-of-a-kind. Included in this box is an essential oil clip-on diffuser for your car.

Allison gave a personal tip for how to use it, telling me that lavender and frankincense mixed together helps her get to a place of happiness and grounding from her past. She told me that in her car, she always has lavender, bergamot, frankincense, and lemon oil because it “smells like our Lord and relaxation.” 

Well, it doesn't get much better than that!

(Order your very own Q3 box by clicking here before they are gone!)

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So nice to learn more about Allison! Her felt ball rosaries are so beautiful!


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