Rooted For Good

Rooted For Good

Written by Clare McCallan

I spoke to Brooke and Joseph, owners of Rooted For Good, during their eleven hour drive from Louisiana to North Carolina. They were headed there on vacation with their six sons, ages one through ten. But the crazy thing is, I didn’t hear one peep from the back seat during our entire interview. So today we’ll focus on Brooke and Joseph’s business, but maybe in next quarter’s magazine, we’ll circle back to them for some parenting road trip tips.

For now though, I’ll tell you a little bit about how Rooted for Good began. Joseph asked his wife, Brooke, if there was anything on her bucket list that she hadn’t accomplished yet. After he asked, they shared a satisfied pause, because the truth is, they have both received everything they have wanted from life. They’ve been able to travel the world, they have six beautiful sons, and they have each other.

As Brooke let the gratitude wash over her, she realizes that there was one small thing - not a bucket list item per se - that she had been meaning to do, but hadn’t quite been able to accomplish yet. Brooke had always wanted to switch her family to entirely natural products.

And so, after some discussion, their family started making switches. Unfortunately though, a lot of products were absurdly expensive or difficult to find. And thus, Brooke started making homemade skin care products, eyelash serums, and essential oils. Her family loved them, so she began to gift them to friends and extended family. It was such a hit that Joseph encouraged her to open an Etsy store.



Fast forward to present day, and Brooke and Joseph are now the owners of Rooted For Good, a skincare and wellness brand that offers a wide array of natural and handmade products, from their popular renewing cream to even eyelash restoration products.

For this quarter’s box, Brooke and Joseph have included a Bulgarian lavender essential oil, made from pure, therapeutic grade lavender. I asked Brooke what the smell of lavender does for her, and she told me that just a bit of lavender essential oil can transport her away from her physical surroundings and into an internal place of relaxation. 

She called this inner place of relaxation a “breathing space” and said that it was especially important for everyone, especially moms. Recalling that fact that this advice was coming from a woman in an eleven hour car ride with six young boys (and one big boy), who somehow didn’t seem frazzled at all, I jotted it down as some highly credible advice. If this world-traveling, business-owning, super-mom uses lavender to relax then heck, I think it should be good enough for me too!

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