Catholic Sistas

Catholic Sistas

Written by Clare McCallan

Martina Kreitzer is a momma, through and through. Besides being a mother to eight children on earth and three in heaven, she is also the matriarch of a small business and an entire apostolate to Catholic women.

And while she began her family way back in 1996, she began her apostolate, “Catholic Sistas”, in 2011. Catholic Sistas was created in order to share and highlight a feminine perspective of the Catholic Faith and was initially the result of an existing camaraderie by the contributors in a Catholic women’s group she created.

But by 2014, Martina had expanded beyond the blogosphere and into creating and selling Catholic journals and planners. In 2016, she created “A Year of Sunday’s”, which is essentially a blank template journal with fifty-two sheets inside, for Sunday Gospel reflections. 

Using Lectio Divina, the journal allows you to jot down the upcoming Sunday Mass readings and start prayerfully contemplating what God is communicating to you through Sacred Scripture. It’s customizable nature gives space for all spiritual practices and the reflections that may come before and after the Mass. 

After hearing Martina explain all of this, I was left in awe of the woman on the other end of the phone. When I mentioned that to her, she just responded with humility and gratitude, emphasizing how grateful she is to have watched the boom of Catholic creators and creatives over the last ten years. I for one, meet that gratitude with thankfulness of my own, that our church and our renaissance have mothers like Martina. 

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