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The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)
The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)
The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)
The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)
The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)
The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)
The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)

The Little Catholic Box (May 2023)

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"All the gifts, virtues, and graces of the Holy Spirit are distributed by Mary, to whom she wishes, when she wishes, the way she wishes, and as much as she wishes."   - St. Louis de Montfort

When praying for a theme for this box, and knowing it was in May, the "ten principal virtues of the most Holy Virgin Mary," outlined in True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort kept coming up.
Sometimes, I feel like these are unattainable.
But I realize each of us is called to look to Mary and embrace them.
I wanted you to have a box that could point you to the beauty of Mary instead of striving for something that is seemingly out of reach.


Sterling silver Marian necklace by Telos Art Shop

If we are a daughter of Mary, we radiate her virtues and what better way to keep her close as a reminder, then to adorn ourselves with her beauty?

Jessica from Telos Art Shop found these gorgeous French vintage medals that she had casted and made into a necklace. The necklace as well as the chain is solid sterling silver. 

Angelic Sweetness Candies by The Little Catholic Box

For this one, we went with a little bit of a play on words. The virtue is angelic sweetness, and the candy points to our ability to enjoy the sweet moments of life.

While Mary’s sweetness was pure because of her sinlessness, we hope that you are able to enjoy the pure sweetness of these candies.

See if you can guess what each individual candy design represents! 

Saintgoals Tote by Annunciation Designs

We are blessed with women who have gone before us-

Who have emulated the Marian virtues.

Some of them are friends and family, others are part of the Communion of Saints.

I worked with Elayne to have her best selling shirt design put on a tote to remind us that holiness- being more like Mary- is our goal.

This tote is made by fair trade artisans and is a great everyday bag. 

Holy Habits from the Sacred Heart

Mary is who she is because she found herself in Christ's Sacred Heart.

She truly loved her life in continual prayer- something I hope to one day master.

I know one thing-

In order to be more like Mary, we need to be lost in Jesus.

It is my hope that this book can help you recognize some helpful habits to become more fully alive and lost in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

Habit Tracker by Carla Quigley Art

The talented Carla Quigley put together this beautiful habit tracker for us.

If there's one thing I have learned about myself, it is that unless I work towards intentional change, it just does not happen.

Also, things that are hard to do get a little easier when I have something beautiful around me.

Whether it is meeting your water goals each day or remembering to have some intentional prayer time, I hope this habit tracker can help you on your journey to be more like Mary. 

Marian Virtue Print by Carla Quigley Art

This print ties our whole Marian Virtues box together.

I have wanted to work with Carla Quigley on a box for a while, and this seemed like the perfect fit.

This print was commissioned especially for this box, and I absolutely love it!

I think Carla's use of color is striking.

It is my hope that you will place this somewhere that draws you into prayer to meditate more deeply on Mary's virtues.

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John Lopez
Mama Mary’s Box (May 2023)

This box is beautiful and thoughtfully curated. Mom loved every piece, from the necklace to the bag, the print, candies, and book. Perfect gifts for Moms and those devoted to Marian virtues.