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The Little Catholic Box

TLCB Third Quarter (ships Aug 2021)

TLCB Third Quarter (ships Aug 2021)

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Ever since I was a child, one of the things I have loved about our faith is the engagement of all of our senses, especially our sense of smell, during the liturgy and the reception of the sacraments.

I have always loved the smell of incense during Easter Vigil, the sweet aroma of chrism on a newly baptized baby, and the intoxicating fragrance of a freshly picked rose (Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us! St. Therese the Little Flower, pray for us!)

This quarter I wanted to give thanks for all of our senses, especially our sense of smell, and how God uses it to draw us closer to Him.


Lavender Essential Oil by Rooted for Good

I am so pleased to introduce you to Rooted for Good. Not only are Brooke and Joseph some of the most generous and loving people we have met, but I have become a total convert to their all-natural facial care line.  For this box, we decided to include their wonderful lavender essential oil. 

St. Benedict Diffuser Bracelet by Telos Art Shop

I hope you enjoy this custom St. Benedict diffuser bracelet from Jessica @telosartshop.  Designed as a multi-sensory bracelet, it is created with bronze, brass, glass, lava stone, and rosewood beads.  The lava stone and rosewood beads can absorb a drop of any essential oil that you would like to enjoy throughout the day. 

Magnetic Ceramic Diffuser by Clarey Clayworks

I am always delighted by things with multiple functions.  Not only can you use this little clay disc to scent your kitchen, but it is also a strong magnet for your fridge. The Sacred Heart stamp on the surface is a beautiful and subtle reminder of our faith. 

Rose Geranium Face and Body Oil by Little Flower Soap Co

Rose has always been one of my absolute favorite scents.  There are so many beautiful Catholic traditions involving roses: Our Lady of Guadalupe’s miracle, St. Therese’s gift of roses as a sign of answered prayers, and the phenomenon known as the ‘odor of sanctity’ which accompanies some saints in death.  I hope you enjoy this delicately rose scented face and body oil as much as I have. 

Felt Ball Diffuser by Small Things Great Love

Our friend Allison from Small Things Great Love designed these simple yet ingenious diffusers for your car.  Just add a few drops of your favorite scented oil to the felt balls and clip to your car’s air vent (or anywhere you’d like to use it).  I worked with Allison to choose a color palette of rich jewel tones, reminiscent of one of my favorite birds, the peacock.  It also happens to be an ancient Catholic symbol of the Resurrection as well.  

Chrism Scented Essential Oil by CheruBalm

Other than incense, this is the most, “Catholic,” scent that I can imagine. Used in Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders), the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret known only by a select few.  This essential oil blend is based on the smell of Chrism Essence is pretty close. We like to use this oil when celebrating our children’s baptism anniversaries and was a blessing to have around last year when unable to attend Mass in person. 

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