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The Little Catholic Box

TLCB Fourth Quarter (ships Nov 2021)

TLCB Fourth Quarter (ships Nov 2021)

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One of the reasons The Little Catholic Box exists is to help you experience the beauty of the liturgical calendar in your everyday life. This quarter, I wanted to share some very specific tools to help you go deeper in the coming year.

I believe that this collection of items will help you to have a more spiritually fulfilling and fruitful year. I paid special attention to not only providing the items themselves, but ways to help you beautifully display them in your home.


Lectionary Prints by Curated Catholic

One of the most spiritually rewarding habits you can cultivate this coming year is to read scripture daily. This is even more powerful when done as a family. These lectionary prints highlight the daily Gospel readings each week and feature a beautiful traditional image that compliments that weeks’ themes. We have included an entire quarter’s worth of prints (12 weeks) to get you started. Katie has included a number of generous deals for those of you who may want to order additional prints throughout the year. 


Sunday Journal by Catholic Sistas

I met Martina through Instagram, because she runs one of my FAVORITE accounts! Her humor is exactly like mine, and I immediately felt a connection with her. When I later discovered she created her own planners and journals, I felt this quarter’s box was the perfect opportunity for us to work together on something. I chose to include her Sunday Journal. You can have a much more fruitful Mass experience each week by spending some intentional time before and after. This journal is your Mass companion for the coming year to help you grow richly in your faith.


Botanical Liturgical Prints by Sweet Little Ones

I have developed an online friendship with Jessica, and was blessed to be able to meet her in person earlier this year. Her contribution to this box is a set of her new botanical Liturgical prints. There are a total of 13 prints to display throughout the year, including during Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and other special feast days.


The Theology of Beauty and the Sacred Liturgy by The Liturgical Institute

A couple of months ago my husband met Jesse, the Director of the Liturgical Institute. As soon as they began sharing what each of them did, they both saw a great opportunity to work together on something. As a result, I am excited to offer you a full course from the Liturgical Institute, “The Theology of Beauty and the Sacred Liturgy.” This is a full 5-hour course taught by Dr. Denis McNamara, an Associate Professor and the Executive Director of the Center for Beauty and Culture at Benedictine College. The topic is very relevant to our company’s mission, and seemed a perfect fit.


Blessed Solanus Casey Pen by The Little Catholic Box

I have actively been trying to practice more gratitude in my life, and this quote from Blessed Solanus Casey has kept coming up. When we truly trust our Lord, we can “thank God ahead of time” with utter confidence. This pen pairs perfectly with the Sunday Journal.


Poster Hanger and Display Block by The Little Catholic Box

To help you display these items in your home, we included a poster hanger for the Lectionary Prints and a display block for the Botanical prints. Sincere thanks to both of my parents, who helped me to make the display racks for you!

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