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TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)
TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)
TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)
TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)
TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)
TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)
TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)
TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)

TLCB First Quarter (ships Feb 2022)

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It is widely known that St. Teresa of Calcutta suffered long periods of spiritual dryness throughout her life.

When I learned this, I was all the more drawn to her as I have often experienced the same feelings. 

Knowing she suffered this heavy cross and yet lived wholly and completely for Our Lord is a huge inspiration for me. 

This year before Lent, I wanted to touch on the theme of overcoming spiritual discouragement while honoring one of the greatest and most inspiring modern day saints, St. Teresa of Calcutta.


Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement by Fr. Timothy Gallagher

I read this book last year during Lent. My favorite place to read it was in the stillness and quietness of my adoration hour. Even distraction free, I would read and reread paragraphs over and over. Many times I was moved to tears. Fr. Gallagher brings so much hope and encouragement in this book. I hope you find it as comforting and impactful as I did.

Flying Novena Chaplet by Happy Nest Home Goods

A few years ago I was introduced to St. Teresa of Calcutta’s “Flying Novena”. I love this novena because of its simplicity and immediateness. It’s my go-to in times of urgent need. Simply pray a Memorare on each of the 9 beads, and you can throw in one last one in thanksgiving for answered prayers, as it is rumored St. Teresa did.

Rose Hand and Body Lotion by Immaculate Waters

Immaculate Waters uses water from the Lourdes grotto in France in all of their products. Lourdes Water is not holy water. It is not blessed. However, many miracles and healings have been attributed to the water flowing from this special spring. Immaculate Waters exists to bring this miraculous water to those who cannot make the pilgrimage to the grotto, so you too can bathe in it, as Our Blessed Mother instructed St. Bernadette.

Feed the Hungry Popcorn by Steubenville Popcorn Co

I hope that this popcorn can serve as a reminder this Lent of a cornerstone of St. Teresa’s work: to feed the hungry. As we practice fasting, let us pray especially for those who go without sustenance on a regular basis, who feel the pangs of hunger often. How can we feed the hungry this Lent?

St. Teresa Quote Zip Pouch by The Little Catholic Box

This pouch was designed by our daughter Alaina quite some time ago, and we are pleased to finally be able to include it in a box. My hope is that you can fill it with all the things you might need to pray on the go. A small prayer book, your rosary, the flying novena chaplet, maybe even a small bottle of holy water or your lotion from Immaculate Waters!

Our Lady Coffee Logo Sticker by The Little Catholic Box

For over a year, we have been asked if we could make a sticker using the design from our popular Marian Logo Tumbler. Well, we finally did it!

St. Teresa Heart Sticker by The Little Catholic Box

Featuring the same design used on the zip pouch, but in color! In our house, vinyl stickers like this one adorn everyone’s water bottles and laptops. Add some beauty to an otherwise plain object with this sticker.


Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Box!

I have been a subscriber to The Little Catholic Box for some time now. Every quarter I get excited with anticipation of the new box. This one did not disappoint! It had a little bit of everything - yummy treat, great stickers, wonderful book, a new lotion that I enjoy, and more. The curator of these boxes has a great eye for items to include to ensure a great journey on our spiritual path.

brenda alford
A wonderful surprise!

I got a lot of joy going through the contents in my box. I loved everything! I even ordered some more.

Marian Kit

I love this bundle it has everything you need to recharge your prayer routine. When your battery is running on low. Last but not least the popcorn a treat for anytime.